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Get your new Business up & running fast with Unbound, a 35+ Page Webflow Template featuring a stunning and timeless Design, full CMS & E-Commerce Functionality and more.

Included in Unbound:

Unbound was designed & built to get your Website up and running fast.

CMS Collections
Variables / Styles
Extra Components
Meet Unbound

Built for a scalable Business in Mind

Utilizing our best Practices, we made Unbound for Businesses that need a scalable & optimized Website. With over 40+ Pages and 6+ Extra Components, Unbound was designed & developed for Companies, Start-Ups and Local Businesses that want to Level up their Online Presence today.

  • Built with our Best Practices
  • Over 35+ Pages
  • Designed for Companies, Start-Ups and Local Businesses
Customization made easy

Easily customize using the included Style Guide & Extra Components

Customizing a Template has never felt so easy. Quickly swap out the Colors & Typography to fit your Companies Brand Guidelines using the included Style Guide. Ever want to change how a specific Element looks? Find it in the Style Guide and adjust it to your needs!

  • Detailed Style Guide that includes all important Elements
  • Over 6+ Extra Components to customize the Page
  • Designed with modular Sections to allow for complete customizability
SEO Optimized & User Guides

Best SEO Practices & an In-Depth User Guide

All Images & Icons are optimized for SEO. All Icons are in Vector Format to make them look good in all Sizes & all Images are optimized to be as small as posible in file size. With Unbound comes a Guide on how to customize & work with this Webflow Template.

  • SVG Icons & Icon Fonts
  • SEO Optimized Images
  • Instructions about how to customize this Template
Powerful Variables & Styles

Customize Unbound to match your Brand in Minutes

With Unbound comes complete control over your Color & Typography Styles. Customizing this Webflow Template to match your Brand only takes a few Minutes (or less).

Clean Color System

Unbound uses a clean & easy to understand Color System that lets you easily adapt the Template to your Brand.

  • All Colors listed in the Style Guide
  • Webflow Variables used for all Colors
  • Neutral, Primary & System Colors included

Easy to understand Typography Classes

Unbound uses a very simple Typography System that can be found in the Style Guide. Using this System, changing certain Font Sizes, Weights and even the Font itself will take only a few Minutes.

  • Variables for Body & Heading Fonts
  • Easy to use Heading Classes
  • All HTML Tags are fully styled to match Unbounds Design

Custom & Premium Design

Unbound was designed from the Ground Up to give your Business the premium feel it deserves.

100% Responsive

All 40+ Pages are fully responsive and work seamlesly across all Screen Sizes.

Fully Modular

Unbound was designed to be modular in nature, meaning that customizing and rearranging the individual Sections is easier than ever before.

Custom Interactions

Interactivity in your Website keeps the User engaged and gives the Website a professional and modern feel. All 40+ Pages are fully animated!

CMS & E-Commerce

The built-in and ready-to-go CMS & E-Commerce Pages allow you to get your Business up and running quickly. Simply upload your Content and the Template will do all the hard work for you!

Optimised for Speed

This Template was built using our best practices. All Images and Icons used are optimized for the Web and CSS Classes are reused across the Template to keep the Number as low as possible.

Fully Customizable

Since Unbound was 100% designed in Webflow it is by nature 100% customizable. You can change everything from the Typography to the Icons, Padding & Margin and much much more.

Premium Support

If you are ever stuck and have a Question about this Template, our Support will get back to you quickly to help you solve your Issue!


Unbound was built with a very clean and easy to understand Class Naming System & detailed Style Guide, making it easy for Developers or yourself to hop in and start building new Pages on top of the already existing Pages.

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