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Unlock the full potential of your ERP system and enterprise software with Bemenderfer's Data Portal, a cutting-edge solution designed to streamline system integrations, enhance data mobility, and ensure seamless operation across your business processes. Say goodbye to the complications of integration solutions that are inflexible and costly. Welcome to a world where your ERP system works smarter, not harder.

How It Works

Unlock Operational Efficiency

Data Portal acts as a dynamic bridge connecting your on-premise ERP systems and applications to the Internet of Things (IoT), offering real-time interactivity that was once out of reach. Whether it's directly through our Portal or integrated third-party software across various platforms, the Data Portal facilitates instant, secure, and efficient data exchange.

Our DataPortal is comprised of processes, forms, screens, integrations, and workflows that can be used together or independently to transform the way your team interacts with Epicor. With continuous updates and new plugins added regularly, the DataPortal is your gateway to unlocking operational efficiency.

Key Features

DataPortal Sales/CRM

  • Sales Map – heat mapping based on historical sales data. Plan client visits, road trips, and see where your business is geographically focused.
  • Prospect Map – find potential clients wherever your salesforce is deployed. 1-click Prospect creation that flows into Epicor, or follow-up with existing prospects from your database.
  • Analysis and Comparison – know how you’re trending, and always have a deep dive at your fingertips. Click to drill down all the ways to relevant orders that build your numbers.
  • Standard Functions – Add your customers, contacts, quotes, orders, and other standard sales and CRM functions while on the go, on your phone or laptop, without a VPN.

DataPortal Warehouse

Empower your internal workforce with an intuitive, mobile friendly, and responsive interface for their day-to-day tasks.
  • Shipping
  • Receiving
  • Production
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory

DataPortal Expense

  • Expense Submission – take a pic and let the portal identify the important pieces to build your expense submission. Submit receipts individually or create an expense report.
  • Expense Transaction Reconciliation – stop chasing your expense users, let them reconcile expenses directly to bank transactions. (This requires bank integration.)

DataPortal Integrations

  • ECommerce – use our DataPortal to populate your web sellable items, provide real-time inventory and pricing, and pass customer orders from your web store directly to Epicor. Recent projects include WooCommerce, BitCommerce, and Shopify.
  • Third-Party Screening – Does your company interact with the Department of Defense?  Does your business require 3rd party screening?  Let us help you streamline those integrations for quicker response time and less time chasing answers for your users.

Data Portal Benefits

streamline operations icon

Streamlined Inegrations

Simplify the complexity of connecting disparate systems, removing the need to settle for "compatible" solutions.

enhanced data accessibility icon

Enhanced Data Accessibility

Provide your team with the ability to access and update data in real-time from any device, ensuring timely and accurate information flow.

operational efficiency icon

Operational Efficiency

Reduce manual data entry and eliminate bottlenecks in data processing, allowing for smoother operations and improved decision-making.

security and compliance icon

Security & Compliance

Rest assured your data is protected with industry-leading security protocols, maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of your information.

Client Highlights

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Automotive Industry

We designed, developed, and implemented a process to convert an engineer-focused Method of Manufacturing (“MOM”) to a shop floor-optimized MOM and reverse. This solution was designed to accommodate MOM revision after the start of production and with existing labor reporting.

  • Savings include:24 hours of reoccurring manual engineering reduced to approximately 54 seconds.
Structural Manufacturing

Our client manufactures-to-spec CAD-designed mezzanines for industrial centers (Amazon, Target, etc). We designed an integration to break down the CAD BOM into a list of shippable components on the Sales Order, then generated a list of tracked jobs for progressive shipment and onsite assembly.

  • Approximately 440 detailer man-hours per week.
Component Distribution

High-volume shipments of visually similar components serving multiple industries caused our client to have an approximate 17% shipping error rate. By implementing an inventory control system through training, labeling, and process reinforcement, we reduced the shipping error rate to 2.5% in the first month, and it is now approximately .25%.

  • 85% improvement in shipping accuracy in the first month with improved customer relations.
  • Between 10k-15k dollars in corrective shipping charges monthly.
Your Questions, Answered with Clarity and Care

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Bemenderfer different from other ERP consultants?

We come with a diverse team that has decades of experience as both outside consultants and internal users and administrators. We pride ourselves on understanding your company, your goals, and your team through thorough business process analysis in order to align our efforts with your company's needs.

What is the typical timeframe for an ERP implementation project?

The industry average is roughly 9 months, but we have completed implementation projects in as little as 3 months. Whether your implementation is in the RFP phase, started, or even stalled, we can help you get it off the ground.

Can Bemenderfer handle the unique challenges of my industry?

Bemenderfer LLC has experience working with clients from a multitude of industries, from aerospace to food production and industrial manufacturing to automotive. Every industry is different, and everyone is different. We will meet you where you are, and help devise solutions to give you a leg up on your competition.

How does the Data Portal integrate with existing systems?

Our Data Portal was created as mobile mobile-friendly front-end for Epicor solutions. The integration with Epicor is optimized and scalable and can be added to your Epicor solution rapidly.

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